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Rug Care Accelerator


If you’re new to rug washing, or if you need to quickly train new employees but don’t have the time to do it yourself, this online course is a must!

Our course, comprised of multiple video modules, is designed to teach industry trusted methods in a way that is easy to understand, covers topics and language specific to area rug care, and helps standardize the skills and professionalism necessary for your business to succeed.


1. a person or thing that causes something to happen or develop more quickly.
“this course has been a huge accelerator in starting my rug care business.”

Oxford Dictionary Definition

Who should take this course?

  • True beginners to the rug cleaning industry
  • Carpet cleaning technicians looking to add rug cleaning as an additional service
  • Rug cleaners who are not happy with results they are currently achieving
  • New employees who need to understand the overall rug care process quickly
  • Any cleaner looking to learn or brush up on important foundational rug cleaning skills
  • Any cleaner who has damaged a rug using improper equipment or chemistry

Meet The Team Behind Rug Care Accelerator

Your Instructor: Cameron Mayville

Cam has been on the wash floor and running Omaha’s Rug Cleaning & Restoration for a very long time. He is co-founder of The Rug Room, an industry-popular social media space for professional cleaners to network and assist each other whose members are from all over the globe!

Cam can be found every Wednesday night educating rug cleaners, or hosting presenters specific to the rug care industry in his weekly webinar, The Rug Room LIVE, and he is one of three rug cleaning educators teaming up to teach a wildly popular three-day hands-on rug washing class several times a year. In his spare time, Cam is probably out on a lake somewhere doing what he loves – fishing.

It’s a good idea to take this course before your first hands-on class.

Course Development and Guest Instructor: Lynn Tall

Lynn has been working in the rug care industry since 1994. She formed her consulting and education company, Rug Advocate, in 2012. Through Rug Advocate, Lynn teaches classes in rug ID, pre-inspection, and customer service, advancing the overall skill set of novice to intermediate rug care professionals all across the country!

Lynn is well respected in industry circles. She is known for her calm, accommodating teaching style, her preparedness, her ability to capture the ideology behind a company in her writing style, and her willingness to go the extra mile for her students and clients.


Course Design and Development: Dom Mariniello

Course Access
The price of the course includes access to the course for a single user for 30 days. 
For additional details, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What Our Students Have to Say About Our Course

Please take a moment to see what our students are saying about the Rug Care Accelerator Course and then sign up and start learning!

I highly recommend The Rug Course Webinar for anyone who wants to provide a high-quality, superior rug washing service. It covers all the best practices from the initial conversation with a client to the final delivery of the rug, and everything in-between including common mistakes and how to avoid them. I took extensive notes!!

 The presenters are knowledgeable and excellent communicators. Very easy to watch. I think everyone in your company should watch the Rug Course Webinar: new & experienced technicians, scheduling managers, sales manager. Also, I used it to improve my written procedures. It clarified concepts like crocking and bleeding in a way that now I can say “I GET IT”. I will absolutely add The Rug Course Webinar to our training requirements for our company.

Thank you, Cameron Mayville, Lynn Tall & Dominick Mariniello, for this excellent webinar. I hope it brings you great success, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Marie Thomas
(THOMAS Carpet & Fine Area Rug Cleaners)