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Customer Service and Front Office
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Lynn Tall’s Rug Advocate presents:

Customer Service & Front Office

A course for customer-facing staff.

Customer-facing staff members are the face of your company. Your customers rely on them for advice and care. In addition to day-to-day office tasks, they need to become intimately familiar with every service your company provides in order to sell additional services and answer customer questions confidently and correctly.

You may have all the best equipment, chemicals, and rug care technicians, but if you neglect to properly train your front office staff, you’re not setting your business up for ultimate success.

Sharpen the skills of experienced staff or bring new employees up to speed quickly. This course will cover all aspects of providing exemplary customer service, maximizing sales, and working in the front office of a busy rug care facility.

  • General roles & responsibilities
  • Necessary tools
  • Company policies & procedures
  • Customer types
  • Problem solving for your customers
  • Inside sales
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Educating your customers
  • Diffusing angry customers
  • Marketing tasks
  • Improving overall skill set

Don’t miss this opportunity to enroll your customer-facing employees in Rug Advocate’s Rug Care Fundamentals course, Customer Service & Front Office.

The concepts and strategies learned will help them stay organized, improve communication and confidence, increase sales, and provide excellent service to your customers.

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